What is the Future for Shisha?

Is Electronic Shisha An Option:

Electronic shisha has come to replace the traditional cigarette in the market. Due to its benefits as compared to the earlier product. It has gained popularity among the hip fashionable youth and celebrities in general.The modern shisha does not produce smoke and neither does it pollute the environment in any way.

Unlike the traditional shisha, the new entry is taking the market by storm. Traditional shisha used to pose a danger to the public health. This was due to the chemicals it released to the environment, mainly through smoke. Researchers had to come up with a better way of reducing the danger thus the e-cigarette.

  • It is logical for the shisha influence to grow. It is becoming familiar in the public, thanks to its innovation. Its use dates back many years ago, centuries to be more specific, with an estimated origin in the Middle East.  A standard Hubbly Bubbly (traditional shisha) consisted of a water pipe made to smoke a flavored tobacco charcoal block. This posed a great risk to users’ health due to the fast intake of nicotine, tar and other toxic chemicals.
  • Consumers having realized the health risks involved in smoking cigarettes and traditional shisha sought safer alternatives to safeguard mankind. As a result, new improved shisha pens have come to replace the dying traditional shisha which has grown to wide varieties with even the glass hookahs and flavored shisha joining the market. Glass hookahs have improved performance and functionality thus changing people’s ways of smoking shisha. The maintenance of these glass hookers has also been eased since it can be assembled into smaller parts for thorough cleaning. Glass hookah gives someone a unique and smooth smoking experience like never before.

The search for a safe alternative has lead to the discovery of the Electronic Shisha also referred to as E shisha sticks, Vaping, E-hookah, E- shisha pens and E shisha pipes.

E-Shisha, which is a battery operated water free device, has completely revolutionized the smoking of hookah. It is a perfect healthy and environmentally safe alternative because the user draws in a harmless haze and exhales an odorless smoke. It gives the same effects with an added pleasant flavor in the mouth and a smooth feeling on the throat.

The major ingredients in many e-liquids are flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which are non-noxious organic compounds. The Electronic shisha pen does not generate smoke hence pose no threat of passive inhaling.

The electric Shisha stick enables you to place your own nicotine intensity ranging from zero to high depending on the user’s preference. E-Shisha pipes are carefully considered designs that offer convenience, portability and a modern look. They are colorful and can either be disposable or reusable. They are available in a variety of flavors such as mixed fruit, watermelon, citrus lemon, vanilla, grape, strawberry, blueberry, apple, peach and mint.

These e- shisha sticks are usually ready to usehence allowing the smokers to comfortably and legally smoke indoors. They are luxurious and stylish products with mass appeal.

Should The UK Ban E-Cigarettes?

The move by the UK to propose a ban on electronic cigarettes is ridiculous. UK is of the opinion that these products are “normalizing” the act of smoking in the country. The move will anger smokers especially those who had stopped smoking tobacco for safer alternatives; electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are a better alternative compared to cigarettes. They do not contain any tobacco in them and users who quit smoking tobacco find this method safer for them and their close friends and relatives. The proposal has come after a certain town in France imposed a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes in a public building.

Are e-cigarettes safe?

According to researchers and manufacturers, electronic cigarettes lack tobacco and high concentration of nicotine. This encourages most smokers to adopt this change. Compared to cigarettes, it’s safer. The UK government must have facts before they blindly introduce the ban.

  • Cigarettes cause cancer due to presence of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals found in tobacco. All these health risks are reduced as e-cigs lack of tobacco.
  • Electronic cigarettes were introduced into the market as an alternative way of smoking safely. They have led to many tobacco smokers, all over UK, to express their happiness since the introduction of the product in the country.
  • Over 1.3 million of the estimated 10 million smokers in the UK use electronic cigarettes. Banning them will mean that these smokers return to their earlier behavior thus putting their health at risk.

Some of the benefits and advantages the UK should consider before banning the product are the following:

  • E-cigarettes do not have tobacco, tar and any kind of toxins associated with the normal cigarettes. Lack of tobacco in the brand means a smoker can have his daily nicotine dose, without necessarily inhaling thousands of chemicals.
  • They do not have an odor or smell – unlike normal cigarettes that produce irritating a smell which sticks to almost anything, these brands do not have the bad smell. They may instead produce the flavor in the e-liquid, thus friendly to the public.
  • Smokers can regulate the amount of nicotine they want to inhale. Smokers can purchase e-liquids that have any amount of nicotine they require. The strength of nicotine in the e-liquid will range from zero to high.
  • Freedom at all times – smokers are at liberty to smoke their brand anywhere anytime without affecting the people around. It is environmentally friendly.
  • Users can save more money since some of the brands can be refilled after use. The first purchase of the kit is expensive but it is cheap thereafter.
  • Electronic cigarettes are socially acceptable for their lack of smell and smoke and in place have sweet flavors and attractive tastes smokers can choose from.

The Latest Technology For The Elderly

The Internet Is Not Just For Young Folks, Anymore

It has long been common knowledge that teenagers typically are more quickly able to become proficient in using new technologies, as compared to their older counterparts. This does not mean however, that only young people are the only ones using these technologies. In fact, a recent study uncovered that nearly six of every ten seniors (individuals aged 65 years and older) are active on the Internet, with half of that group being broadband users. Within this group there are still two more groups. The first is made up of tech-savvy adults, often younger and more educated, while the second is made up of more elder adults, often plagued with physical and/or mental handicaps.

  • That same study (aforementioned) also uncovered that among college educated seniors, 87% use the Internet, and among seniors without college educations, just 40% use the Internet.

Sure, the former population may be expected to safely navigate online, however the latter population is very much at risk when they surf the web, especially when dealing with health conditions (such as a disability or disease, which makes full participation in common activities difficult) and/or skeptical attitudes towards developing new skills so late in life.

In What Ways Are Elderly People At Risk While Using The Internet To Connect With Loved Ones?

Online crooks live to prey on elderly and disabled people, because they often do not fully understand how the Internet operates, and how dangerous it can be. As a result, seniors are commonly manipulated into either purchasing unnecessary items, or even releasing sensitive or potentially dangerous information into the wrong anonymous hands.

  • It is important that these people remain feeling connected with the world around them, so it would undeniably be cruel to deny them of all technological means.

More often than not, their intention when adopting a piece of technology like a computer or phone is to adopt a way of contacting loved ones. Just consider this: 77% of all seniors (in America) use cellular devices regularly. The question must be asked then: how should elderly people remain in touch with the outside world (as well as the world of technology) without feeling at risk or intimidated by complex devices?

What Is The Latest Technology, Which Is Safe For Elderly People To Use?

While there currently is no version of the Internet simple enough to be considered free of risk, there are other technologies that seniors can use safely. For example, Big Button Mobile Phones provide seniors with a secure means to communicating with loved ones, and provides those loved ones with a secure means to checking up on their seniors, who may not have access to around-the-clock care. They even cater to visually impaired and audibly impaired individuals by offering large, backlit buttons, and enhanced speakers. These affordable devices mark an important milestone in the evolution of technology that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled. Big Button Mobile Phones allow seniors to confidently feel in touch with the technological world, while also keeping them immune from operational accident or dangerous online robbery.

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