What is the Future for Shisha?

Is Electronic Shisha An Option: Electronic shisha has come to replace the traditional cigarette in the market. Due to its benefits as compared to the earlier product. It has gained popularity among the hip fashionable youth and celebrities in general.The modern shisha does not produce smoke and neither does it pollute the environment in any […] →Read more

Should The UK Ban E-Cigarettes?

The move by the UK to propose a ban on electronic cigarettes is ridiculous. UK is of the opinion that these products are “normalizing” the act of smoking in the country. The move will anger smokers especially those who had stopped smoking tobacco for safer alternatives; electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are a better alternative compared […] →Read more

The Latest Technology For The Elderly

The Internet Is Not Just For Young Folks, Anymore It has long been common knowledge that teenagers typically are more quickly able to become proficient in using new technologies, as compared to their older counterparts. This does not mean however, that only young people are the only ones using these technologies. In fact, a recent […] →Read more